Air Source

Air source heat pump - options

Air source heat pumps are often seen as a cheaper alternative to ground source and many models on the market are derived from mass produced air conditioning units which are not specifically designed for the job. All too often they are undersized, and this is one of the reasons that air source heat pumps have had a poor reputation in the UK. These units, while they may be cheap, may end up costing more in the long run due to poor efficiencies.

Air source heat pumps should be designed with the same considerations as a ground source, based on the project in question and sized appropriately.

The Ochsner air source heat pump delivers class leading efficiency. It’s a split unit, meaning that the evaporator is external to the property, and the heat pump unit is internal, with a refrigerant circuit in-between. This type of installation provides the highest efficiencies and lowest external noise.

The horizontal evaporator design of the Ochsner external units, also give the best performance in terms of defrosting as the vertical fins allow water to fall out of the heat exchanger rather than being trapped inside.

With the advent of these high efficiency and high quality Ochsner heat pumps, air source is no longer the second best choice.