Choosing a Heat Pump

Ground source heat pump - closed loop options

Air source heat pump - options

Each type of heat pump, whether ground source or air source, has its advantages and disadvantages and the type of heat pump used will vary from project to project.

Ground source heat pumps generally offer the best efficiencies and multiple types of heat collector can be used. The most common method is ground loops – horizontal pipework within the ground. Other methods can include boreholes, open well boreholes, river collectors and more.

Air source heat pumps can offer efficiencies that come very close to ground source heat pumps, and are generally easier and quicker to install than most ground source options. They are also more suitable where space is limited and horizontal ground loops or boreholes are not an option.

The Ochsner split air source units are offering class leading COP’s – taking into account the higher summer COP of the air source, then the real life seasonal performance factor (SPF) will not be that much less than the ground source heat pump.